Position:  CG Light Artist

Period: December 2020 – July 2022

About: My work at the Studio was mostly consisted of scene lighting and composition, closely collaborating with all members of the workflow and especially with the Art Directors. The job was compraised of creating photo realistic images of client’s products or also known as E-commerce. With time, apart from the digital photography and composition, I started also doing some retouching on existing models or, where needed, modeling, texturing and product optimization. Our work had everything from furniture elements, small interiors and medium exteriors to commercial animations. 

Due to the nature of the work I also gained some knowledge and skills in the following softwares:

–  Autodesk Maya 

–  DaVinci Resolve

– Beginning lessons in Blender

And became also familair with the online work platforms as: Shotgun Studio & Samepage

Key Skills: Work under pressure | High attention to details | Light skills | Composition | Modeling | Texturing | Low level animations

Position:  Operator & Camp Manager Assistant

Period: March 2021 – August 2021

About: Responsible for providing high quality work and optimized plan of data capturing in high populated areas in different countries around Europe. Responsible of the planning, execution and optimization of the work. Constantly being in contact with all the teams and coordinating the smooth running of the work.

Key Skills: Data capturing | Teamwork | Management | Attention to details | Work under pressure and tight schedule | High level of coordination and work optimization

Position:  Art Camera Operator

Period: August 2019 – October 2020

About: My work as an Art camera operator was comprised of providing ultra highquality resolution images of artworks around Europe. Showcasing museum’s collections on the Cultural Institue’s website and giving users an easy access to art. Responsible for the digitization of artworks in museums and galleries across the EU using the Google Art Camera.

– Captured the art collection in Este Castle in the Unesco city of Ferrara.
– Contributed to the biggest collection of Gustav Klimt artworks in Belvedere.
– Captured several Egon Schiele and Klimt’s paintings in Leopold Museum in Vienna.
– Captured 3D exhibits in the Palatino Hill museum in Rome.
– Captured Van Eyck’s Original Lamb in the Museum of Fine Arts of Gent and contributed to the better restoration process due to the technology advancements brought with the Art Camera.

Key Skills: Technical Reproduction | Troubleshooting and adjusting to different environments | Evaluation of shooting sites | Careful and detailed execution of the capturing process

Position:  Architect & 3D Artist

Period: July 2018 – March 2019

About: Developing projects in close communication with the clients and the lead architect, supervising new interns in the studio and being part of different stages of the work process. Also as most familiar with 3D Rendering, I was mostly responsible for the majority of the visual representation of the different projects in the studio.

Key Skills: Creative thinking | Project management | Decision making | Developing ideas and solutions for different tasks | Developing conceptual and working projects | 3D modeling and Renders

Position:  Architect & 3D Artist

Period: April 2018 – January 2020

Responsibilities: Responsible mainly for creating all the 3D Renders and Visualizations of the studio

Position:  Architect & Interior Design Field Manager

Period: July – September 2016 / July – August 2017

Responsibilities: Responsible for the correct working procces on the field, inspecting and optimization. I was also part of the working crew responsible for manualy building and supervising the interiors of several projects including the studio of one of the biggest national televisions in Bulgaria

My Skills
3DS MAX 2020 & 2022 + VRAY 90%
MAYA 2020 & 2022 + VRAY 50%
DaVinci Resolve 30%